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Au P’tit Monde de San Francisco and Au P’tit Monde de la Péninsule are two French Immersion Preschools for children 2-5 year olds. The lessons in the “Petite Ecole” and “Grande Ecole” take place entirely in French.

Teachers and Staff

Our APM teachers are native French speakers with degrees in early childhood education as well as French Education. They have comprehensive experience in working with children in multicultural and multilingual environments. They are regularly evaluated, trained, and supervised by specialists in early childhood education.


Coralie Leclerc Sobhani



Coralie grew up in France and is fluent in French, Spanish and English. She obtained a degree in « DEUG Sciences Humaines et Sociales» and a “Licence Sciences de L’éducation” at the Université Lille in France where she received her BA in Education. During this time, she also worked with preschool and school age children as a teaching assistant “Educatrice”.

Coralie moved to Southern California where she taught at both a French immersion Preschool “La Petite École” and also French language at a German School with a California Curriculum. This gave her exposure to teaching the California Curriculum where she used creative art to teach not only the French language, but the culture as well.

She continued on to study at at Grossmont College of San Diego and Saddleback College of Irvine (Orange County) where she obtained her Supervision/Administration degree to qualify her as our Director.

Coralie married and moved to the Bay Area when she met Salima Goltser, owner of Au P’tit Monde French Preschool, and they worked closely together in opening up the second location of APM in E Palo Alto. Coralie is the full time Director at Au P’tit Monde East Palo Alto and works very closely with the teachers.

Coralie is passionate about teaching and loves the nurturing, educational environment they have worked hard in establishing in the school.


Janine How,  Assistant Director/MS & GS English Teacher


Janine started her teaching career 24 years ago. She was born and raised in  the Bay Area. She had the best of both worlds, with an American father and French mother. She moved to Paris, France to attend La Sorbonne where she received her BA in French Litterature. She returned to the Bay Area in 1992 and worked at International School of the Peninsula for 22 years. She had the opportunity to wear many hats, starting as a Daycare Supervisor and then a French Assistant Teacher for 24 children ranging from Nursery to /Pre- Kindergarten. During this time she finished her studies at Foothill College and became a qualified director. She was also the licensing and summer camp director for many years and responsible for delivering creative learning and play activities. She has developed strong skills in creating fun and interactive learning activities and materials.


Adeline Jalabert, Lead Teacher MS (Moyenne Section)



Adeline is a French native from Lyon. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Translation and Edition (Portuguese), with a minor in French as a Foreign Language, both from the University Lumière Lyon 2. In 2008 she moved to Brazil and obtained a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Campinas (Unicamp), while working as a translator ,and a French teacher.
Adeline moved to the Bay Area with her husband in 2011. Since her arrival shehas been following her love for languages and teaching, and her family has also grown with the birth of her daughter, Charlotte.   Her keen sense of observation is a great asset for teaching children. Adeline’s goal as a teacher is to remain teachable so that she may better help children learn with joy, curiosity, love of learning,  and confidence so that they may have “tools in their pockets” to challenge themselves to achieve their every desire in every aspect of their lives.
 Adeline worked at EFBA as a French Teacher / Tutor before arriving at APM 3 years ago. She loves all ages. Adeline started as Teacher Assistant in Moyenne Section, in collaboration with the teacher Adeline helped create effective activities, and lessons in accordance with l’Éducation national guidelines.
In her free time, Adeline obtained her California teaching credential, and is a certified Early Education Childhood Master Teacher. After 2 years in Moyenne Section Adeline assisted in Toute Petite Section. Shecontributed both their knowledge and ideas,  which created a wonderful classroom atmosphere. Her accomplished education lead her to yet another challenge of leading her own class.  After a great debut, Adeline is back in Moyenne Section, as Lead Teacher. Her goal is for each child to develop socially and emotionally so thattheir confidence shine leading them to better succeed in their next phase of preschool.



Lynda Ramoul, Lead Teacher TPS (Toute Petite Section / Nursery)



Lynda was born in Algeria and speaks fluent French, Arabic and English. French is the official second language in Algeria and Lynda studied it in school. In 2009, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in the English Language.

In her native Algeria, she taught French in an elementary school and English in a middle school. She moved to the Bay Area in 2014. Lynda started working as TPS  Teacher Assistant in 2014.  Her 3 years with us at APM, and her determination to broaden her knowledge has proven to be very beneficial for herself, as well as APM...She is know Lead Teacher in TPS. Lynda continues her education in Early Childhood in the evenings.. Lynda is very patient and warm with children and loves to cook delicious Algerian cookies for both the children and her co-workers. She loves working with children and feels fortunate to be able to do this in a loving French environment!


Stephanie Saba, Resource Librarian


Stephanie was born in Paris and raised in the suburbs until she arrived in the San Francisco Bay area in June 1999. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Child Development at San Jose State University, while working at the International School of the Peninsula in Palo Alto.  She was a teacher’s  assistant for four years. Over the years she tutored French to young children, teenagers and adults. A mother of two boys she has decided to return to the classroom. Stephanie has taken the challenge and will gather all her talents  to run APM library. In addition to the organization and running of the library Stephanie will collaborate with her colleagues so that our students participate in projects related to books and themes .


Adeline Muscat,  Assistant  Teacher TPS (Toute Petite Section / Nursery)


Adeline is French, from Toulouse. She was nurse in France during 7 years.
She moved to California with her husband in 2015.
Passionate by early childhood , she is excited to continue her education in Early Childhood Education.
She loves traveling, reading, and to take part in a child’s world.


Laura Aghilas, Assistant  Teacher TPS (Toute Petite Section / Nursery)

Laura is Moroccan, from Paris, France.  She has spent the majority of her life working with children. Her patience and curiosity of how a child grows, and finding ways to better help, guide, and/or approach, makes her a great asset for Au P’tit Monde.  She worked in a maternelle school in France before coming to the States with her husband over 10 years ago. She has been a private Nanny since her arrival. She assisted children, toddlers to 10 years olds through their days. She tutored French and Arabic to them. She planned and engaged in dailyacademic and play activities. She loves being with children, and our diverse community is a great fit for her, and she is for us as well.


Anouar Asslam, Assistant Teacher (Grande Section & Petite Section)

Anouar Asslamgrew up in Casablanca, Morocco speaking both French and arabic, he is fluent in both languages. His major was in languages, French and English.

His love for the State's, travel,  and languages guided him to San Francisco in 2010.  He obtained his BA in Business Administration. While studying, he tutored and realized that he had a passion for teaching. He was nominated the best french tutor at CCSF Library. He continued to learn about children as he volunteered as a soccer coach for children ages 3 to 7 years of age. His passion and interest has enticed him to study Early Childhood Education. He is currently enrolled at SJSU University to obtain his credential. 

Sophie Desveaux, Lead Teacher PS (Petite Section

Sophie Desveaux is French native from Brittany, France. She holds a Bachelor's degree in French literature and a Professional Diploma of catholic Education Schools Teacher awarded by the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

She is married and the mother of two girls. She moved a lot because of her husband's work. She discovered the North America by living first in Chicago and then Ottawa, Canada for few years. She moved to California in October 2016.

She has been teaching for 15 years and never got bored about her fantastic job! She really enjoys being around children and has a real interest in new teaching process. Happy to convey her love for the french literature, she wants also to create a special bond between her student and herself by having always a positive attitude and a benevolent gaze on children.

Sol Doux, Assistant Teacher PS (Petite Section)

Sol is dynamic and loves working with children. She exudes passion and joy when in a classroom of bright eyed students!  We feel very fortunate to have her amongst us. APM benefits from Sol’s creativity, and dance skills. Her nurturing ways come easily as she loves teaching children.

 When not at APM Sol is a Artistic Director. She is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She was born in Colombia where she started to dance in her very early days. She taught dance, and was choreographer in Paris, France many years. She married a Frenchman, and continued her work in Paris, as she raised her 2 boys. She loves the idea of raising her boy in a trilingual home. Change of careers lead her family to Mexico City, and to the Bay Area in 2010 where she taught children and adults, and created the first dance curriculum in French at the International School of the Peninsula. She was also a French substitute teacher at ISTP’s Maternelle for many years. Sol learned FSL as a youngster. Her creativity and passion for children makes her a joy to have amongst us.

Sandrine Bru, Assistant Teacher MS (Moyenne Section)

Sandrine grew up in France and moved to California in 2001 She taught in France,  and worked at International School of the Peninsula as a Petite Section teacher’s assistant, and continued on as a substitute so that she care for her own 3 children: 13, 10, and 5 years old. Her children are fluent French English speakers. Sandrine values this gift of languages for her own children and she aspires to share this gift with her APM students.

She has been working in a Montessori School where she has learned a lot in regard to different teaching methods and social emotional teaching skills.

She is passionate about psychology. Her wants and her goals are to support and help guide each child as an individual so that they may be happy, and succeeding d to the best of their ability throughout their life....starting now at their young age.

She is delighted to be part of au P'tit Monde!

Claire Sauret, Assistant Teacher MS (Moyenne Section

Claire was born and raised in France. Her teaching career started in France as a “Professeur des Écoles” since 1999. She followed her husband with their 2 year old boy in October 2016.

As a teacher in France she always has a preference for nursery & preschool classes.

Before starting as a volunteer at APM from March 2017 (3 mornings a week), she volunteered a "baby bounce" class in the Newark library one day a week.

Her passion in life is singing. She sang in choirs and was part of a band France.  We look forward to having her share her talents with our students. 


Anne-Céline Wins, Lead Teacher GS (Grande Section)


Born and raised in Belgium, Anne-Céline is a native French speaker. She worked in a daycare as an intern for children 2 ½ years to 12 years.

In 2010, she graduated as a history, geography, and social science teacher for children aged between 12to 16 years old.

Later on, to enhance her skills, she followed evening classes to obtain a Masterin Education in Science with a major in training teachers.

She worked as a full time teacher in a high school with teenagers for 5 years. She moved to to the Bay Area in January 2016to follow her husband.

Anne Celine has a strong passion for education, and started at APM late February 2016.

She has a 7 monthold little boy, named Antoine. He was born January 2017. Anne Celine tooklast year offfor her little one. She is thrilled to be back at APM, and we are happy she is amongst us.

Her other passions involve basketball, she was playing in an amateur team in Belgium. And more recently, In California , she discovered the pleasure of bike rides on the numerous trails available in the Bay.

Our Cooking Team!

Lupita Ruiz , Aida Salgado, Artemia Lopez (APM COOKS,  CHILDCARE SUPPORT)