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1227 39th AVE
San Francisco California, 94122

(415) 374-1876

Au P’tit Monde de San Francisco and Au P’tit Monde de la Péninsule are two French Immersion Preschools for children 2-5 year olds. The lessons in the “Petite Ecole” and “Grande Ecole” take place entirely in French.



The building blocks of your child’s body should be as strong and pure as possible. We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure that high-quality foods are always provided.

The school provides homemade, "natural & organic" and wholesome meals, which we enjoy together as a community. In addition, the children participate daily in preparing food for their teachers and friends.

Cooking is done by cantinière (or cantinier) in our private kitchen. We never use frozen or canned products. Our menu is always age appropriate regarding ingredients and serving size. Children receive the daily amount of vegetables as not only part of the meal, but also blending them into our sauces.

Each meal is served with organic milk and water. 



Petit Déjeuner / Breakfast

Hot oatmeal with raisins and bananas

Whole grain bagel, cheese slices, cantaloupe

Wheat pancakes with blueberries

Banana bread with sliced grapes

Hot cornmeal cereal with seeds, dried apricots


Déjeuner / Lunch

Lasagna made with free range chicken, cheese, steamed carrots and pineapple

Turkey and roasted pepper panini with cucumbers and peas, mixed fruit

Lentil stew with rice, potatoes, and carrots, watermelon slices

Quinoa with Moroccan lamb, chickpeas and onions, apple slices

Spanish rice with vegetables and tofu, cheese and peach slices



Goûter / Snack

Cheddar bunny crackers with apple slices

Wheat pita with sliced grapes

Cornbread and fruit slices

Veggie crackers with strawberries

Oranges and toast